July Is National Anti Boredom Month

Dated: 07/01/2019

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July is Anti-Boredom month, and it started off as a joke.  In 1984, Alan Caruba, a professor founded the Boring Institute as a joke while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  He also created many lists of other things that were really boring.  How ever Caruba stopped joking about being bored and started advocating for ways to overcome boredom. 

But why July?  Well, June is the beginning of summer break for children in school.  Right after school you have plans, but those plans don’t last all summer, and August usually is the begging of school, and we all know that’s a different type of boring.   Below is a few different ideas on how to not succumb to boredom.


You don’t have to travel the world, or even your state.  Go different places in your own city.  Looks for different parks to take the kids.  Go on a tour of your city.  See what great foods your city offers, you may fall in love with a new restaurant.

Learn something

Learning something new and exciting.  Study a new language, learn how to cook.  You can find a new interesting book, or even go to a museum.


Help out at a local soup kitchen, tutor a kid.  There are plenty of places that you can help at.

Get Outside

I know its hot outside, especially here in the Tampa Bay area, but there are ways that you can beat the heat and still be outside.  Do you have any local splash pads, community pools, wooded bike trails?

Those are just a few ideas you can do this summer.  Whatever activity you choose to do, its important to not just sit at home and let the kids watch TV or just play video games.  Here is a link of fun things to do in the Tampa Bay area.

If you are really bored, give me a call and I can sell your house and we can search for a new home for you :)

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