Touching The Lives Of Others

Dated: 04/05/2019

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Image titleTouching the Lives of Others- Interns 

There are so many parts of building a business that are difficult and stressful but teaching and lifting people up is definitely the part that I love the most. I received an email tonight from one of my interns who will be graduating from Illinois state University this year! The title of the email said Just a Big Thank You..... then it proceed to say this was my final paper for my internship ... thought you might like to read. As I began reading I realized she didn't write it about marketing or strategic lead generation tactics she wrote it about me... so I thought I might share. If you have the chance to touch peoples lives DO IT... you cant put a price tag on the joy it will bring your heart. Sydney keep being great as I know you will too be a force to reckon with......

Sydney Kendle

Reflective Essay 

For my final prompt of this internship I have chosen to do, “My internship experience has found me a professional mentor, and this is why he/she is so important to my career and my life …” Over the course of my life I have known Betsy Tinvervin, she started as my dance teacher and then became my professional mentor. This woman can do anything.

When I very first reached out to Betsy about wanting to come and work with her, she did not hesitate. She instructed me to pick out dates and said, “I will get you here”. If this does not describe her as a person then I don’t know what does. Betsy is a very well thought out, and prepared person but she has moments where she just goes with it and decides to throw caution to the wind. If she had not decided in that moment to buy me a plane ticket, I would not be the person I am today. A senior who is ready for whatever life and my new career throws at me.

I knew Betsy and who she was before I arrived in Florida, but then I was young and didn’t pay much mind to the life lessons she was attempting to teach me. After getting to spend time with her as an eager adult that wanted to project myself into the professional world, I finally grasped those life lessons. They have been crucial in my professional development. Betsy is a force to be reckon with, when sitting with her she can teach you and explain to you how to be unstoppable. Not just in the work that she does with Tampa Bay Investments but as a woman in business. She never beats around the bush and is a clear communicator, this helps her get exactly what she wants and needs from her clients, business partners and, employees.

I am very thankful to have had such a strong role model throughout the past 3 semesters and throughout my life. Because of Betsy I feel as if I can accomplish anything that is thrown my way or presented to me. I am not only stronger as a professional but I am more confident in the work that I do.

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